On the heels of the 2012 FRAC AAF Addy Awards, we are super excited to announce we walked away with four awards this year! The Addy Awards were held at Lawrence University in Appleton this past Thursday and saw more than 230 entries into several categories throughout various facets of the advertising industry, which included Elements of Advertising – Photography. We were honored to be included in the ranks of those who won awards this year for their hard work and talent!

Before entering the Addy Awards we spent some time looking through our work from the past year and had to make some hard choices as to which pieces of work we entered and best represented my creative vision. We entered a total of six campaigns and took away with awards for four of the entries. All of this wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work of my team, my clients who have a clear understanding of the creative process and the rad folks I had the opportunity to put in front of my lens.

Below are the winning submissions!



Last year we had the opportunity to work with celebrity chef and TV host of Food Network’s hit show Chopped! Ted was amazing to work with! He is a down to earth guy and was super easy to work with. Since this shoot, I have kept in regular contact with him, shared some laughs and have watched his success explode! Thanks Ted, for being awesome. You rule!


This series was shot as a promo piece we sent out to market ourselves to select ad agencies and marketing firms throughout the midwest. We shot the series over the course of two days and composited them together to make us look completely ridiculous on so many levels. We had a ton of fun creating these pieces!


We shot this series late last year in Dallas, TX. We were approached by our good friends over at Eleven Seven Music in NYC to create custom shot album packaging for Drowning Pool’s upcoming album Resilience. I’d love to share more of the winning images right now, as I’m super stoked about the final product, but the album has not been released yet. I’ll have a full blog post about the images next month after the album hits stores! Below is the cover image.


The final Addy Award also comes from a project I shot for Eleven Seven Music with the guys in the band HELLYEAH. It’s alway great working with the Eleven Seven team because the get it. They understand the creative process in it’s entirety and value strong, defining imagery for marketing purposes in the music industry.

Thanks to everyone who had their hands in the whole creative process of this work and to the Fox River Ad Club for putting on another great event!


  • Mandie

    Your stuff makes me want to quit weddings, and nothing else does that. 😉 This is so fabulous- I especially love your self-promo shoot! Amazing!

  • Amanda

    Tremendous as always, my friend. Congrats!

  • Jai

    Congratulations guys!!! Your hard work and determination really paid off. Can’t wait to see what you bring on in 2013!!

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    It was really nice to see you and enjoyed our chat immensely!! Keep it Real! I laugh out loud and snort.

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