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Every once in a while we get asked to shoot a project that we get complete creative control over, in which we can really dig in and get our hands dirty. Not too long ago we received a call from the folks over at Coalesce Marketing to create a series of images for the Green Bay Ball Strikers, a regional rugby team formed by Ahman Green of the Green Bay Packers and co-owner Quin Yorton. After some discussion, we met with the Coalesce team at their office with Ahman, Quin and team coach Pita Katobalavu present to hash out the creative direction for their brand and the accompanying images.

During the meeting, it was discussed that the Strikers wanted to take the team in a direction that sets a national standard in rugby. A direction that sets a precedent for creating a professional league across the nation. With that, the Strikers needed a website, brand identity and a series of images to set themselves apart from other teams to essentially “up the game” in the US Rugby world. Jason Kosbishop and Lisa Piikkila of Coalesce presented the website and new logo to the team and the response was immediately overwhelming!

Our job was to create a series of images for their website and marketing content to showcase the intensity of the game and the teams capabilities. I knew we needed to create really dynamic photos of the players in action and to do so, we would rely solely on in-studio shots and compositing/3D rendering to get the job done. The images needed to be larger than life! Ahman Green, Pita Katobalavu and Donnie Leverette spent the better part of a day at our studio to shoot the required stills and create a complementary video teaser for the website launch. Jason Kobishop from Coalesce was on hand, whom also designed the teams logo and uniforms. Have a peak below!


Client: Green Bay Ball Strikers
Agency: Coalesce Marketing
Art Director & Lead Designer: Jason Kobishop
Photography Producer: Adam Koepke
Cinematography, Music Composer, & Video Editing: Adam Koepke
Stylist: Jai Schmidt







Below is the teaser video we created for the Strikers:

Here is a look at how it was implemented on their website:






Our awesome team!


The logo designed by Jason Kobishop at Coalesce Marketing:


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