Just before the holiday we spent the better part of two days with Shannon McIntosh here at my studio in Appleton. For those not in the loop, Shannon is an INDYCAR driver sponsored by TrueCar and Pabst Racing and is a NASCAR developmental series hopeful in the coming year. She is also sponsored by TAG Heuer timepieces, being featured along side Neil Patrick Harris in print campaigns, and has recently become a key contributor on the eBay Motors Blog. When Shannon approached us to update her look and image, the decision was a no-brainer for us. We gathered our team and brought her in for a full day of shooting.

The thing I really dig about Shannon is that she has a focused outlook and a serious approach to her racing career. It’s not taken lightly. She knows her brand and defines it well. She understands where she is heading in the industry and hustles harder every day to gain momentum. But having become friends with her over the past few months, Shannon is honest, conveys incredible sense of enthusiasm in everything she does and is one of the most approachable, fun-loving people I have worked with.

Visit Shannon online HERE!

Below are a handful of photos we created for Shannon and a little look behind the scenes of our shoot. Thanks for being rad Shannon!

Our awesome crew we had on set! Extra specially thank go out to Greg Sampson, Tobin Campbell, Jai Schmidt and Mark Plowman!!