THE DUELLIST :: A Very, Very Short Film


You may remember a few months ago when we released a short film titled “One Minute, 42 Seconds“. That short film was the first of many experiments throughout our winter season. As we grow in our video directing, filming, editing and producing, we’ve also started experimenting with light. Being true duct tape and glue “D.I.Yers” we made our own “studio” lights consisting of a wash tub and cake pan (a conversation for a later time). In the most recent tests with our newest light additions we came up with something we thought was pretty cool and ended up transforming it into a very, very short film starring our very own Trevor Nackers. We had a blast creating this piece and it’s proof that if you buckle down and try something new that YOU can even surprise yourself!



  • Mike Clark

    Very cool. Really looking forward to what you guys do with video!

  • Jacob Miller

    Very cool. Love the lighting you guys did. Glad to hear you guys did some DIY to get the lighting right. Video can be tough. Exposure has to be nearly right and you don’t get too much leeway in the editing room as compared to a RAW photograph. Keep in touch guys. Hope to see more stuff like this.

    FYI I have audio equipment if you are looking at doing more stuff like this.

    The Zoom H4n and a ton of mics for any situation always do the trick for audio whether its on camera or for Foley and effects.