OSHKOSH CORP :: Airport Products

Over the past two years I have been working closely with the Oshkosh Corporation shooting the ARFF Striker vehicles for their Airport Products Division. I initially started working with them a number of years ago on a single shoot for their airport snow removal products, but it wasn’t until their marketing team contacted me last year to upgrade the appeal of the imagery that I started shooting for them on a regular basis. These images are generally used for a delivery photo that is given to the purchasing client, but they also find their way to marketing materials and trade show displays. Typically we are given a very small window to shoot these trucks after they are completed and ready for delivery. One of the goals with the shots is to showcase them in a “real world” location and/or scenario. Due to this small window, we end up shooting these early in the morning before they are loaded onto a flatbed and shipped out to their final destination. The customer acceptance team will drive the Striker to a location near the Airport Products manufacturing facility and I spend about 5-10 minutes getting the shots I need. These are generally completed trucks, but occasionally due to time constraints we need to utilize our retouching skills to “finish” them aesthetically (See the Metro-Washington video below).

Below are just a few of the completed shots, featuring various Strikers from around the U.S.








Here is a peak at the retouching process involved with the final composited image:

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