Last weekend we dusted off both the Breaking The Rules and f/WHAT? Workshop with a great group of folks who traveled far and wide to attend! The Breaking The Rules workshop is essentially designed to give emerging photographers a fresh, new start on re-evaluating the way we approach creating dynamic images by examining the struggles faced in finding our unique voices. We’ve had a wide array of photographers attend this workshop from around the country, with skill sets ranging from beginner enthusiasts to working professionals and advanced amateurs. Since we’ve had many requests to bring the BTR Workshop series back to life and continue the more advanced f/WHAT Workshop, we are offering two more summer dates… Monday, June 10th and Tuesday, June 11th.

:: To register for the upcoming workshops on June 10th and 11th, visit!

Below is a look at some of the environmental portraits and lighting scenarios we set-up for the f/WHAT? Workshop this past week. This workshop is geared towards the photographer who is looking to add the use of multiple lights to their tool kit, create more scene-intensive look to their work and use post-production to breathe life into their final images.

Shot 1: Inside a camper, two subjects, three lights.

Shot 2: Outside camper, one subject, three lights and compositing added to the post-production.

Shot 3: Inside a car garage, two subjects, three light set-up.

(Photo by Gary Ehinger)

Below are a few shots from the Breaking The Rules Workshop.

(Photo by Rych Pullen)