EASTLAKE CHURCH | 2016 Promo Mailers

This past June we were commissioned by Jamison Advertising Group in Chula Vista, CA to create a series of two images for EastLake Church to be included in their 2016 print mailer campaign. The two concepts we were given needed to showcase dynamic imagery that centered around two ideas; A stressed mom and the “nuclear family”. When we discussed the creative ideas with the agency and the client I knew we could bring something fun and exciting to the table. We were able to source locations and talent from friends and family, allowing us some room to get pretty artistic and fairly intricate with the overall concepts. Below is a look at the final work and a few notes on the process. Enjoy!


Client: EastLake Church
Agency: Jamison Advertising Group
Executive Creative Director: Jerry Jamison
Creative Director: Corey Jamison
Account Executive: Julie Estrada
Photography: David Jackson
Retouching: Adam Koepke | Jackson & Co.
Models: Annette Koepke, Adam Koepke, Tobin Jackson, Zoee Jackson, Eden Jackson
Location (Thermonuclear Family): Denise Dietz
Hair & Make-up: Kayla Eick at Shear Chaos Salon & Barbering Co.

Here is the final “stressed mom” photo from our first set-up. The final ad needed to portray a sense of chaos that prevails in many households, especially mine. We used my kitchen as the scene for the shoot and wanted to showcase a breakfast scene with the kids being extremely messy, yet fun-loving and a rather unruly dog. We composited the final image together from five separate shots. Shadow, our puppy, was the final “cherry on top” as we allowed her to eat some Fruit Loops off the table. There were so many moving parts to this shot, we needed to shoot it in various segments to create the final look and feel we were after. Have a peak below:


BELOW: A closer look at the detail of the final composite. As a note, these files were shot on the Sony A7r II at 50mp. We are continually impressed with the image quality with this camera. My opinion is that it’s as close as you can get to a medium format digital camera in a prosumer body.



BELOW: Take a peak at the images we shot to create the composite and a peak at the retouching process:

Below is the second image in the series we shot for EastLake Church. The theme was “Thermonuclear Family” and needed to portray a 1950/60’s Cold War vibe of a “nuclear” family sharing time together in the evening. Every detail needed to be perfect and as time-period specific as possible. We shot this here in Appleton at a friends house, which when we walked in to the place, was absolutely amazing. Nothing needed to be changed at all. Location and set design can truly make or break a photo. We shot this ad in mid-morning and it took us about two hours to light and shoot though to completion. Lighting was critical here, as we needed to showcase that warm evening vibe. Have a look below!


BELOW: A closer look at the detail of the final composite. Again, these were shot on the Sony A7r II.



BELOW: Take a peak at the Thermonuclear Family retouching process:

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