GUARDIANS :: Promo Photos & Music Video


I love music. And sometimes a local band comes along and you just really get into them. I came across the guys in Guardians back in November after seeing a music video of theirs produced by some rad local cats… Jacob Miller and Peter Doucette. I reached out to the band, offered my services to upgrade their image and ended up getting them in my studio early last month for a couple hours. Below are some of the final shots from the shoot.

Having worked with these guys and developed a relationship with them, Adam and I took off for an evening to see the guys play live in Green Bay at the Riverside Ballroom. While there, we took a stab at shooting some live video. By the skin of our teeth we were able to pull out just enough footage to piece together a “live” music video for their track “F30″. Check it out!

Below are still photos from the live show, taken in between shooting video. For the nerds, these were all lit with a single AlienBee 400 placed behind Bud’s drum set pointed towards the crowd.


  • Jayson

    Amazing work as always, David! Absolutely love the blue/red group shot and individual portraits.