Here are some shots from this past weekend’s portrait workshop I threw here at my studio. The day went past the 16-hour mark, but we got so much accomplished and met some great folks. Some of whom traveled from Milwaukee, Madison and even Ohio! The workshop was not a wedding photography, business management or theory-based lecture by any means. The day was geared towards the basics of shooting portraits and spoke to the ground level mechanics of photography, composition, exposure and the principles of why we shoot the way we do. We dug into the basics of making more dynamic portraits and getting to a comfortable space with our photographer-subject interaction.

I have spoken to groups on numerous occasions prior to this event, but this was the first time running a seminar on my own. It went amazingly well and confirmed my love for sharing and learning within the photographic community. This wasn’t about re-inventing the photography wheel or delivering magic bullets to make us amazing photographers, but more about helping move past frustrations within our own work. Heck, I even learned a bunch from the attendees!


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